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The Importance of Showreels

A showreel is a constantly evolving thing, like life itself. You might like how it is now but it could always use an update, change or tweak.

Having a reel is not just a tool to have in hand, it is a necessity for the industry you have chosen to move in. You want to give casting directors or agents a sense of who you are. It is more important than a website, a business card or a CV. Eight times out of ten someone will choose you for a job based on your showreel rather than your CV.

You did a scene with Al Pacino, however, you need to be careful how you use it in your finished product. The worst thing to do is have a piece of the scene at the beginning, another bit in the middle, and yet another bit at the end. It’s too much! Be classy. You want to let people know you did a great job with another great performer but it’s just one piece of work. A casting director can see through this immediately and knows that it might be hiding the fact that you haven’t really got a body of work.

It isn't a Shakespeare play, it's an acting showreel. The point being you need people to get from beginning to end before they're distracted by their social network notifications. If your reel is over two minutes, it's too long. You can show an awful lot in two minutes or under. Your showreel needs to be very specific and explain to the viewer WHO YOU ARE.

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